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Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou katoa ngā whānau, ngā marae, O NgaiTakoto.

The iwi of NgaiTakoto has grown significantly and come a long way since we undertook Treaty Settlement processes with the Crown in 1986. We have achieved a great deal since that time through hard work and sheer determination to succeed and now we arrive at a point in that process whereby the responsibility for managing and determining the NgaiTakoto future and how that may be organised, is no longer the responsibility of the crown but now up to ourselves, as a people, and as a tribe.

The period of time spanning the next 3 years is, and will be, vitally crucial to ensuring that the completion of and bedding down the post Treaty settlement responsibilities is developed as our tribes primary goal, and ensuring that the agreed too decisions ratified by our members is substantially realised.

Whilst the final goals looks insurmountable, they are achievable, but to ensure that the desired outcomes achieve longevity and sustainability, it requires us as a people to build the future structure of NgaiTakoto on firm foundations, having understood the past historical account (as well as the present) of where we have come from, that informs us of where we should be going, and taking into account the learnings and lessons that come from within all of those experiences.

This also requires us to seriously re-evaluate, review and redevelop the NgaiTakoto capacity, and capability to managing the settlement assets and implementing the appropriate management and distribution entities (at all levels) to ensure that the Tribes settlement outcomes are enduring for the future generations whilst at the same time we are moving forward to creating and implementing a new positive future that we ourselves, are now duly responsible too, and for.
In our initial 20 year Strategic Plan (Te Ara Hapara 2000) this goal was identified as;

 "Our people have a legitimate right to an environment that is adequate for healthy living and well-being. The objective for our tribal authority that holds the responsibility to do with our environment and its resources is to ensure that management of such meets the needs of NgaiTakoto people today without compromising the heritage of future NgaiTakoto generations, as to their needs, tomorrow"...

The 2013-2016 Business Plan is the first of "our own steps" towards completing that journey which we initiated as the NgaiTakoto 20/20 Vision Plan in 2000 (Te Ara Hapara) and one that we have consistently planned and received endorsement for.

Those tasked with that new responsibility (Te Runanga O NgaiTakoto) have produced this business plan and its associated budget for the purpose of ensuring that as we approach the final significant work tasks ahead, this is done in a planned and structured way and to which the NgaiTakoto tribal membership has confidence in the approach and direction that the Board of Te Runanga O NgaiTakoto is intending to take.

The Board in conjunction with our Australian whanau representatives will be undertaking this work alongside the requirement to engage with professional supports and advice, as well as the input of our beneficiaries.

The sole responsibility of change is not entirely that of the Board only, but to all of us people as a whole within NgaiTakoto, this is about the present generation building and preparing for the future generations, this requires us to make change from the status quo position that has not served our NgaiTakoto people well, into a tribal organisation that will.

Changes will provide challenges, debate, and a required significant shift by those involved, in order to build capacity and capability at all levels within the structure, and in order to strengthen the tribe capability to engage and respond appropriately, effectively and efficiently in an ever evolving world.
We must forever be reminded also of our obligations to the required ongoing nurturing, caring, and sharing responsibilities that ensures our survival as whanau, as marae, as the Iwi of NgaiTakoto. In this regard we seek your patience and the support required to complete the work ahead.

He iti marangai, tu ana te pahukahuka, he iti pioke no Rangaunu, he au tona...

Mauri ora,

Rangitane Marsden

Te Runanga O NgaiTakoto