Critical to the success of NgaiTakoto is an effective communication strategy.  This has come along way over the settlement process and we want to keep up that membership inclusion and shared vision for our future over the next three years and beyond.

As we move into a new period that requires a “new way of doing things” and a time that requires NgaiTakoto to look towards a bigger picture, so too are people looking at us. Our intention is through professional and engaging communications present a confident and clear image of ourselves, our history and our vision.

Work Task 5 Objective

Continue to improve our Communications to effectively engage and inform our people so they are inclusive in our shared vision and ongoing development.

Communication Objectives

1. Ratification of the Post Settlement Governance Entity(PSGE)

This objective is about communicating the development and business of the PSGE. It includes seeking feedback and approval of the proposed Structure, Representation, Distribution and Strategic Plans of Te Runanga O NgaiTakoto. Ultimately our membership understands and supports Te Runanga O NgaiTakoto as the most appropriate governance structure to move NgaiTakoto forward. Again, this requires buy-in and member participation and ratification of the proposed PSGE structure, and that NgaiTakoto members are well informed, connected and engaged in the iwi’s affairs.

2. Our NgaiTakoto history, identity  and cultural footprint is clearly understood, accessible to our membership (and informs external stakeholders)

This requires us to promote within ourselves a correct understanding of the history of NgaiTakoto, to share our stories and know better, ourselves.  To restore and enhance our mana, live the identity of NgaiTakoto we need to be clear as to what makes us who we are, where we have come from, and where we are going.

3. We celebrate being NgaiTakoto and connect to our Future Opportunity

As we progress through the final stage of the Settlement process we are embarking on new opportunities, pathways to reclaiming our rights to be Maori, and to be NgaiTakoto.  This is about looking forward and working towards it. Te Runanga O NgaiTakoto is in the best position to create and influence positive outcomes for NgaiTakoto members

Communication Channels


Understanding our relationships with,

  • Whanau
  • NgaiTakoto stakeholder members
  • Te Runanga O NgaiTakoto Trustees
  • Staff
  • Marae
  • Te Hiku Iwi
  • Tai Tokerau/National Iwi
  • Community (our place in this space)
  • Media
  • Social Media
  • Crown/Local Government
  • Corporate & Business relationships


Credible, accessible, understandable sources of information and knowledge

  • Corporate Profile/Vision Document
  • Te Ara Hapara Business Plan
  • Annual Management Report
  • PSGE Discussion Papers
  • Bi-Monthly Board Papers & Minutes
  • NgaiTakoto Website
  • Quarterly Pioke Panui
  • Social Media networks
  • Iwi-connect
  • Tribal Book/History/Stories/Waiata
  • Merchandise


Kanohi ki kanohi engagement

  • NgaiTakoto Festival
  • Hikoi
  • Wananga
  • Hui-a-Iwi
  • Rangatahi events
  • Waitangi Day
  • Culturally significant tribal event

Communications Strategy Summary Document 2014



Iwi Connect