“Ko Wai Au” is written to educate the younger generation about our NgāiTakoto Iwi, with the hope to provide our younger generation with the knowledge and stories as our ancestors saw.

“Ko Wai Au” was written by Drew Sloane, a direct descendant of NgāiTakoto Iwi, Granddaughter of the late Lancelot (Jeb) Brown. This book was written with the intentions to learn more about her own history from key people in NgāiTakoto.

“I find these stories to be important to carry on and pass down to the younger generation. These stories have not only taught me a lot about my Grandfather’s family and where he comes from, but has also made me want to expand further with my Te Reo Maori. It has been a great challenge for me to write these stories to the high quality they deserve to be told in” – Drew Sloane

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