Environmental Asset Management

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Develop an environmental vision, strategy and works programme to support, protect and sustain our environmental assets, land and cultural environments.


The identity of NgaiTakoto is strongly associated with our natural environment. The whenua, moana, and awa in the region define us as an Iwi, they are the source of our stories and whakatakuki, and in some cases embody our Tupuna. Over the past 172 years NgaiTakoto’s ability to express these relationships and exercise our kaitiaki responsibilities has been drastically eroded.

Through our settlement redress we have had these assets and the responsibilities returned to us and over the next three years of this Te Ata Hapara process we need to develop a strategy to manage and develop this.

Cultural/ Environmental Assets

NgatiTakoto cultural redress with the Crown provides recognition of the traditional, historical, cultural and spiritual association of NgāiTakoto with places and sites owned by the Crown within their primary area of interest.

A total of ten properties will be vested in NgāiTakoto, and six jointly vested in one or more other Te Hiku iwi (approximately 1355 hectares)

Sites to be vested in NgāiTakoto

  • Wharemaru / East Beach site, 1000 hectares (approx.)
  • Kaimaumau Marae site, 14.57 hectares (more or less)
  • Waipapakauri Beach site, 6 hectares (approx.)
  • Waipapakauri Papakainga site, 5.3 hectares (approx.)
  • Bed of Lake Ngatu, 54 hectares (approx.)
  • Bed of Lake Rotokawau, 16 hectares (approx.)
  • Bed of Lake Ngakapua, 14 hectares (approx.)
  • Bed of Lake Katavich, 7 hectares (approx.)
  • Bed of Lake Waiparera, 112 hectares (approx.)
  • Hukatere site A, 2 hectares (approx.)

Joint vesting to NgāiTakoto and Te Rarawa

  • Tangonge site, 110 hectares (approx.)
  • Lake Tangonge site A, 31 hectares (approx.)

Joint vesting to NgāiTakoto, Te Rarawa, Ngāti Kuri and Te Aupōuri

  • Te Oneroa-a-Töhe sites, totalling 214 hectares (approx.)

Statutory Acknowledgements and deeds of recognition

The settlement also provides for Statutory Acknowledgements and deeds of recognition over the following sites and these assets and the joint management and relationships need to be considered within this Work Task.

  • Lake Heather (Wai Te Huahua)
  • Lake Rotoroa
  • Lake Waikaramu
  • Remainder of Lake Ngatu Recreation Reserve
  • Rarawa Beach Campground
  • Kowhai Beach
  • Southern part of Waipapakauri Conservation Area
  • Whangatane Spillway
  • Awanui River

Cultural redress fund

NgāiTakoto have a cultural redress fund of $2.4 (less $300K) for the purposes of purchasing or negotiating additional culturally significant properties.

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