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Basically we need to keep the organisation running on a day to day level as we transition to a PSGE.

This includes office administration, technical support, human resources, organising travel, meetings and preparation of monthly board papers.

Work task 4:

Objective Continue to maintain our Administration, Management Operations and develop clear governance roles and build people capacity internally and external to the business. Identify external expertise and specialist roles. Organisational Capabilities


Continue to develop a simple yet efficient database & systems to centrally store / archive reports and information (paper and electronically).

4.2.2 Resources are needed for project management and to maintaining an office, including payments for skilled manpower.

4.2/3 Confirm the roles and resources required of the project team and general manager. Develop job and performance agreements.

4.2.4 Develop or improve upon quality systems and process templates for administrative operational requirements.

4.2.5 Meet with accountants, build internal skill capacity in governance, management, financials, planning; solicit specialist advice to build internal capacity and capability through a work force development strategy; obtain specialist advice to help establish the systems, processes and operating procedures where required including HR, finance, technology, and communications.

4.2.6 Ensure payment for services across the project phases, manage and report on budget/actual cash flows, provide administrative and project management support across all phases, manage procurement and maintenance of resources and assets.

4.3 Technical Expertise 4.3.1 Specialist funding will be sought through its own specific allocated budget and this enables Te Runanga O NgaiTakoto to make competent informed choices and decisions to aid the settlement process with the Crown (and other Iwi) and to assist in the direction of our resources and energies post settlement. 4.3.2 Legal Counsel currently provides both legal and strategic advice. The Workgroup requires advice throughout this process, and the advice sought and provided for by specialist advisers is mission critical to a achieving the strategic work stream goals. This area of specialist support needs to be resourced in order to provide supporting services to achieving the work stream goals. 4.3.3 Resources for Specialists in valuations and economics are still required to assess the economic worth of NgaiTakoto assets and complete a stock-take & valuation of these assets including assets under cross claim. 4.3.4 NgaiTakoto are still in the middle of the most carved up pieces of land under settlement (the Aupouri Forest, Te Oneroa a Tohe, Kaitaia Township, Rangaunu Harbour, Kaitaia Airport, Sweetwater Block, Muriwhenua South Block). NgaiTakoto will continue to seek guidance on the Crowns “whole of settlement proposal” and the implications for the tribe. BERL has completed viability reports on the Aupouri Forest and other strategic assets within Te Hiku. On completion of these reports, NgaiTakoto will review the findings of the report as to the benefits and risks, to NgaiTakoto in particular. 4.4.4 NgaiTakoto would agree at the onset of work the work to be supplied by each of the preferred advisors. The preferred providers at this stage is Tuia Group Limited and they are currently not funded for elements of this work. Their work was previously confined to the Negotiation process and pre settlement phases and to help develop models to form a governance entity and the work required post settlement for the framework of that entity, we would be seeking to continue on with their support for a finite period post settlement. 4.4.5 Tax experts, and experienced accounting firms are considerations that can assist helping NgaiTakoto develop the governance body and provide information when required as part of that objective. 4.4.6 Given the desire to move toward a formal structure, specialist advice to establish internal management planning and support systems are advantageous – getting it right now will reduce cost and energy downstream and make for a seamless transition when the new entity is established. Other providers may be approached to assist with organisational development and workforce development. They may also prepare the contracting services/agreements and help with functions/role, training and guidance 4.4.7 Independent expertise to assess NgaiTakoto’s redress position including our social, cultural, environmental, economic position now and in the future may be achieved through the engaging of economists and researchers.

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