Te Runanga O NgaiTakoto Pioke Panui – April 2016

– NgaiTakoto Runanga takes a look at descendants reaching out to pursue their dreams and aspirations whilst furthering their education. This month the Runanga made contact with Keri Richardson, Grandson of Asa & Katie Puata (Nee Paraone) who embarked on a journey at Auckland’s AUT, gaining a Bachelor in Digital Design… read more

Te Runanga O NgaiTakoto Pioke Panui – November 2016

– NgaiTakoto Runanga is delighted to feature Chantelle Davies and Veronica Rakich, sisters graduating just a day apart. On December 14th in Brisbane Australia, Veronica completed her postgraduate studies – Graduate Diploma of secondary Education in Humaities (History and Georgraphy) and LOTE (Mandarin Chinese) at Griffith’s Mt Gravatt campus, while here in New Zealand, sister Chantelle – a recipient of the Te Runanga o NgaiTakoto Walter Erstich Scholarship was preparing for her graduation on the 15th in Christchurch where she graduated from the Polytechnic Institute of Technology (now ARA) and University of Canterbury completing a Bachelor of Musical Arts – majoring in voice, followed by a Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning (Primary)… read more